Message from Principal

    It is said now that many people around the world are aiming at a “glocalization”
society. Glocalization means that people should act with a global view point in theirlocal communities.

In an information-oriented society, we need a borderless approach that extendsbeyond nations.And from this information people can correctly judge everything in their lives. In the other words, we need talented people who can make this change from local to global thinking.

     I think the reason for of learning a new language, is that students should always be in the pursuit of knowledge. Because languages are a great tool (means) for this pursuit.

     In Japan, there is a proverb “Oni ni Kanabou”, that means if you learn new skills you will become a great candidate for the future. Japanese will be your tool to become a great candidate.

I hope you that your international point of view will broaden and that you will gain a lot of chances by entering our school and learning Japanese.
We will support you with our full effort. Our school is a runway for you to take off into your future.

                                                                                           Principal Atsushio Sato